This service will be carried out in the guest’s room, after consulting availability of date and time.

You can choose between two types of massage:


  • Enjoy this relaxing massage combined with the wonderful effects of essential oils.
  • Free yourself from muscle tensions and feel, at the same time, how your circulation improves.
  • You will eliminate toxins and you will feel the healthiest and smoothest skin.

Do not miss the opportunity to recover peace and relaxation in your day thanks to this massage.


  • It is the ideal technique for muscle relaxation and relief of contractures. With it, we reduce the discomforts
  • Physicists that generate stress and bad postures.
  • Feel great relief and comfort in the affected areas, helping the body to recover normal mobility and getting a general relaxation.

– 30 minute massage: 40.00 euros
– 60 minute massage: 55.00 euros

Book your massage and enjoy its benefits!